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The finer things in life should be enjoyed together. Flavourit is a digital tasting experience that lets you and your friends try new beverages, create personal taste profiles, and improve your senses in an interactive way!

What is Flavourit?

Flavourit is a digital platform that lets your guests discover the world of beverages and create sparkling conversations. We like to call it a sommelier and a party game in one, full of fun facts and entertainment. Perfect for restaurants, bars, and conference organizers!

By simply scanning a QR code, your guests can delve into an interactive tasting experience that is personalized, educational, and unpredictable. Every choice helps to shape their unique flavour profiles, which will increase their interest in your beverage selection.

Why become a Flavourit partner?

There is a lot to gain with Flavourit. By offering an experience combining the physical and digital, you can reach out to new target groups, build a strong community, strengthen your brand, and find new sources of income.

Connect with the younger generation who has grown up with technology and has a more digital lifestyle.

Enhance the customer experience while increasing the value of your offering, and stand out from the competition.

Become a social enabler by creating a community of beverage enthusiasts and connect like-minded individuals.

Create a buzz around your menu which will encourage customers to buy more diverse drinks, leading to increased sales.

Get started with Flavourit

Flavourit is more than just a tasting tool; it’s an adventure
into the world of wines, beers, spirits, or non-alcoholic
beverages. And the best of all; It is super-easy to get started!

Become a Flavourit partner

Yes, we think it’s about time that you also try Flavourit! We always look for restaurants, bars, and conference organizers that look to improve their brand, customer offering, and sales together with us.

Easy to use

Forget about time-consuming installations and unnecessary administration. Flavourit is easy to learn and even easier to use!

Broaden your audience

Flavourit is a great way to introduce tastings to both new and old visitors. It is also entertaining and educational!

Create a community

Become a social enabler by creating a community of beverage enthusiasts and connect like-minded individuals.

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If you want to learn more about Flavourit, or book a demo of the app, just fill in the contact form and we will get back to you in no time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we always try to use beverages that you already have in-house. We recommend you select the Flavourit beverages together with us, as we can assist you with descriptions.

Passionate about flavour

We believe every glass should be treated as a journey, where we travel through countries and regions to discover tastes and scents from around the world. And just like any journey, it should be done together, with friends and family.

About Flavourit

Flavourit is a Swedish food-tech company founded on the common belief that the finer things in life should be enjoyed together. We are whiskey connoisseurs, wine experts, and beer enthusiasts. And we want to share our passion with you – no matter your prior experience. Our goal is to increase interest in food and drink, flavors, and aromas and to be the starting point for exciting conversations around the table.

The challenges with traditional tastings

Most people have never been to a traditional tasting, and applying to a course can be scary, especially if it is your very first time. We know – because we have been there too.

An easy and accessible flavour experience

Flavourit works like a digital sommelier and a party game in one. It introduces you to a world full of beverages. Whether at a bar or a restaurant, Flavourit is always ready to guide you through every glass!

There are no wrong answers with Flavourit, because how we perceive taste and smell is always personal.

The app automatically creates a unique flavour profile for each user based on their answers from every Flavourit.

Flavourit is inspired by the flow of a flavour wheel. It is a well-established and scientific-based way to determine flavours.

Flavourit creates sparkling conversations, and we encourage our users to share their thoughts - at the table and online!

How Flavourit works

Flavourit can be experienced with the beverages of your choice or our selected drink packages. Whether you try wine, beer, spirits, or non-alcoholic drinks, Flavourit presents different taste and scent options – pick the ones you can sense the most.

The answers from each Flavourit are then used to create your personal flavour profile. You can receive recommendations based on your profile, or try the complete opposite to really challenge your taste buds!

A scalable business model

In order to create a strong tasting community and make Flavourit profitable for our investors, we have built a scalable business model in four main areas.


There are no wrong answers with Flavourit, because how we perceive taste and smell is always personal.


As a first step, Flavourit will target restaurants and bars. Later on, we look to apply it to vineyards, breweries, and home tastings.


Flavourit has no geographical limitation and our goal is to launch the app in Europe and the US, among other places.

Premium features

We develop the app in incremental steps and continually add new features such as new courses and masterclasses.

Invest in Flavourit

Flavourit is backed by entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, innovators, and angel investors. We all share a passion for ideas that disrupt or take a different tack on old traditions. And, of course, we share a passion for flavour. Now, we want to strengthen our support by people driven by the same commitments.

Together with our advisory board, we have developed a clear strategy and business model.

We have completed demo agreements with a number of restaurants in Sweden.

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